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What We Do

Client Centered

We act as the Personal Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for a select group of hardworking and successful families to help them make smart decisions with their money and simplify the complexities of wealth.

This is accomplished through our 4-step collaborative process where we create a personalized Total Wealth Profile of a client’s goals, needs, and concerns.

We have assembled an experienced team and a strong network of professionals to provide a world class comprehensive wealth management approach. Our process helps clients determine if their current professionals are appropriate for their situation or if another better meets their needs.


This all begins with our Discovery Meeting.  This is an in-depth conversation that helps to identify where you’re at, where you want to go, and any gaps that may exist.  This is the first step to experiencing what a relationship with a Professional Fiduciary can mean to you and your family.  We have found that our Discovery meeting relieves the pressure and helps us to focus on what is most important – you.

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