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Our Process

Based on extensive research, we have constructed a powerful assessment methodology that is instrumental in developing a deep understanding of your world. Your “Total Client Profile” is composed of an array of your needs, wants, facts, figures, attitudes, perceptions, goals, concerns, agenda and thought process.

This approach helps uncover latent needs that people fail to even know they have. These usually prove to be quite substantial, so failing to identify them regularly results in subpar wealth plans with poor results. The multitude of strategies and financial products are ineffectual if they fail to help you achieve your goals. As part of being attentive to the “human element” we are able to clearly explain what is being recommended and how the solutions will potentially give you the desired results.

By developing this personalized “Total Client Profile” and by “Stress Testing” your existing plan we are also able to reveal whether your plan is working how you intended it to or if there are gaps, red flags, or missed opportunities. Our process helps clients determine if their current professionals are appropriate for their situation or if another better meets their needs.

We approach each new engagement with a time-tested, 4-step collaborative process that strives to uncover and help to address all client concerns and needs.

This allows us to have an open dialogue in which we learn about your values and goals while working with you to tailor a plan to help pursue them.


At our initial meeting, we will conduct a discovery interview. Together we will create a clear picture of your desires, goals, and what keeps you up at night so that we can determine the appropriate road map from where you are to where you want to be. Our team will analyze how your current wealth management strategy aligns with our findings from the discovery meeting. We search for "red flags" that leave you exposed to unnecessary risk and seek out missed opportunities that could help you reach your goals.

Strategy Meeting

Together we will go over the results of your analysis and give you your personalized strategic road map with our recommendations for how we would address your "red flags." After, strategies are then put into place aiming to rectify and take advantage of the missed opportunities and gaps we discovered in your plan.

Mutual Commitment  Meeting

Once you have your road map and recommendations, it's yours to do whatever you wish. There is zero obligation. If we mutually agree to form a relationship and you would like to trust the McGuire Financial team to handle the implementation, we are happy to serve you. We will collaborate on the implementation strategy and timeline to make the process seamless for you.


"Life is in a constant state of flux." These meetings provide us an opportunity to review any major changes in your personal or financial situation and review your overall progress toward your long-term financial goals. We are here to provide you guidance, counsel, and advice to help address new challenges and re-align your plan with your goals when the landscape in your life shifts.

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